Accommodation formalities




A home insurance is necessary in France before you rent a place. Please contact insurance companies, student social security offices, or banks.


Most landlords request a certificate proving that you have a financial guarantor from the European Union. If you cannot provide this document, please contact us to find a residence or flat.

Housing benefit


  • holding a 6-month D Type visa
  • having carried out the required OFII formalities (French Office for Immigration and Integration)
  • Renting the same place for more than 3 months

can apply online for housing benefit (APL – Personalized Housing Help or AL – Housing Allowance) at

Papers to be provided for:

  • A copy of your passport, visa and OFFI stamp
  • A copy of your Bank account details
  • A copy of your birth certificate (for non European students)

For the application:

  • A certificate of residence
  • A tax declaration

The Mission Accueil Publics Internationaux (International Student Reception Mission) will help you through administrative procedures.


  • Benefits can be claimed only from the second month’s rent onwards
  • Vacating your apartment before the end of a month results in losing housing benefit for this month
  • Housing benefit is not automatically awarded. Each case is treated individually.