Centre of Multimedia Resources

The CILEC makes a Media Library with 8000 documents available to you (books and multimedia resources -3500 different documents). Within a calm and friendly environment that can seat 50 people, our school librarian will welcome you and guide you, since she is also a French as Foreign Language teacher . You can have an internet access from one of the ten computers that you are free to use and, in this way, gain access to online learning activities, DVD-ROMs for learning French and resources from our training platform.

A wide range of audio documents is also available for you to train to oral understanding and/or to discover French culture.

The Media Library is equipped with the first Learner’s Library in France: Novels are classified by level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from A1 to C2.

Each level can be identified by a color, to read step by step.

Books: In the Media Library, you will find all the documents you may need to deepen your knowledge in addition to the lessons : dictionaries and encyclopedias, grammar and exercise books, books about the preparation for degrees, books about contemporary society, art, literature, history, etc.

Centre for Self-Learning: For students who cannot have access to the training offer, our Media Library allows them to undertake a self-learning training in French with the Centre for Self-Learning. Our school librarians and teachers can advise you to choose the right academic material according to your needs and they can guide you through the stages of your autonomous learning.

Books are specially put at your disposal for this autonomous learning. However, they can’t be borrowed.

You can borrow all other books during three weeks (renewable lending). We also propose

French newspapers and magazines. You can enjoy yourself by watching movies and reading comic books too.

All documents are open access.