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Welcome to the CILEC


If you are looking for a French language centre aimed at improving efficiently your French skills and close to all attractive places, you have found the good one! Indeed, you can study and enjoy the rest of your time visiting most-see places such as the Alps or the Côte d’Azur (at 2 hours by train) or even practising sport since the city is surrounded by nature.

But there is more than this! Actually, this centre is a small structure where you can feel at ease, with everybody here for you. This centre is part of a university. Thus, the CILEC is doing its best to ensure you feel at home in Saint Etienne.

You’ve found the right centre that is about to meet all your expectations!

 The CILEC (International Centre of French language and civilisation) is here for you. It is offering a wide range of courses matching your level. It also offers many cultural and sport activities that will enable you to make new friends with fellow students, French people, and to discover the French culture.

At this centre, you will meet students coming from more than a hundred different countries. We are opening up to the world and want to welcome it. And if you want to be in contact with the students of Saint-Etienne, we are providing specialist support over here through an orientation programme, mentoring and logistic back-up and the association SaVa (Sainté Ville d’Acceuil).

 Don’t look any further! Join us!