DULCF / French Civilization and Language University Diploma

After a preliminary evaluation test (written paper and oral interview with a teacher) students are divided up into groups according to their level.
The number of students in each group is limited to encourage a communicative approach (speaking, talking, pair working).

20 hours a week per semester:
15 hours of general French course every morning from 9 am to 12 p.m.
+ a choice of 2 modules of one hour and a half in the afternoons for B1 students, or 3 hours of General French for A1 and A2 students.

Registering for one or two semesters at the CILEC is an opportunity to prepare and pass the DULCF (French Civilisation and Language University Diploma) delivered by Jean Monnet University for levels A1 to C2.

Costs and registration

DULCF Intensive training program – 1st semester 2016-2017
Dates: From September 1st to December 16 2016
280 hours for 14 weeks – 20 h/week
Cost: €1 600

DULCF Intensive training program – 2nd semester 2016-2017
Dates: From January 12 2017 to May 24 2017
320 hours for 16 weeks – 20 h/week
Cost: €1 800

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