Media library

Media library

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For your use, the CILEC has a media-library endowed with 8,000 documents (books and multi-media materials) covering 3,500 different references, all located in a quiet and welcoming space for 50 students, with a documentary archivist on hand to help.

The media-library is equipped with the first Learners’ Library of France: the novels are organized by language level as per the CECRL ranking (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), from A1 to C2. Each level has its own specific color to read step by step.

Published works: in the media-library you’ll find all the documents you need to expand your knowledge and round off your courses: dictionaries and encyclopedias, grammar and exercise books, diploma preparation manuals, works on contemporary society, art, literature, history and more.

You can borrow these books for three weeks (renewable loan). We also stock French newspapers and magazines. You’ll be able to have fun and learn while screening films and leafing through comics.

Multimedia: there are 10 computer stations at your disposal for the Internet and thus access online learning activities. There is also a vast selection of French language-learning CD-ROMs, plus the resources of our training platform. In addition there are numerous audio documents too, to help you improve your listening comprehension and/or discover more about French culture.