Holidays are the ideal moment to learn or improve your French.
You can choose between a short or long training, from 1 to 10 weeks, with 20 teaching hours per week.

Target audience: From false beginner to advanced,
every person who wants to learn or improve his/her
level of French.
- Face-to-face courses of French (18 hours per week).
Communicative, active and practical teaching approach
based on simulations, authentic documents, etc.
- Guided self-learning activities in a multimedia
resources center (2 hours per week). Development of
three specifi c skills : understanding, written expression
and oral expression.
- Social and cultural activities : tourist excursions in
Rhône-Alpes region, visit to museums, cinema evenings,
two cultural events a week, meetings with Saint
Etienne’s major fi gures, etc.