Summer classes

Holidays are the ideal moment to learn or improve your French. You can choose between a short or long training, from 1 to 10 weeks, with 20 teaching hours per week.

Target audience: From false beginner to advanced, every person who wants to learn or improve his/her level of French.

Planning (from 3rd July to 25th August 2017)

- Face-to-face courses of French (20 hours per week).
Communicative, active and practical teaching approach based on simulations, authentic documents, etc.

- Guided self-learning activities in a multimedia resources center (2 hours per week). Development of three specific skills : understanding, written expression and oral expression.

- Social and cultural activities : tourist excursions in Rhône-Alpes region, visit to museums, cinema evenings, two cultural events a week, meetings with Saint Etienne’s major figures, etc.

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Preparatory course for Higher Education (from 28th August to 1st September 2017)

Target audience: People pursuing postgraduate studies in France.

Objectives: At the end of this preparatory program, you should get the appropriate tools to be able more easily to:

• Attend a class and take notes.

• Efficiently gather information by using French resources.

• Produce well-argued written papers by following academic principles in terms of organization and presentation.

• Prepare and give a talk.

• Know how to distinguish and use a general and specific vocabulary.

Planning: Group classes every morning. Some afternoons will be dedicated to sociocultural activities (learn about the city, visit the university library, meet associations, etc.) or to customized tasks in our Media Library.