Thematic modules

Create to learn

This consists of designing and producing “linguistic objects” from precise instructions and then presenting them to the whole class, or even to CILEC. All of the students’ work will be posted on the internet and thus made visible.

Main objective : Use their linguistic skills, even minimal, to make a creative production and present this achievement in public.

From B1 level


Deepen your understanding of the French language, in the different language registers, through the projection of French films while discovering a cultural dimension.

A film will be offered over a period of 3 or 4 weeks. (ex of films studied: Coco, men and gods, Lion, Qu’est ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ?  la famille Bélier….). Film critics, trailers and film sequences will be studied. This module mainly develops oral comprehension, vocabulary, language registers, cultural references.

From B2 level

Scientific french

Being able to communicate on a project, a job, as part of a course or seminar : a key skill for a scientific student concerned with integrating effectively and enhancing their work. This course is intended for non-French speaking scientific students from level B1. The objective of this course is to allow students to better communicate in French in their discipline and to familiarize themselves with the French university context and its uses.

From B2 level

Grammar building

Develop grammatical competence through revision, deepening and putting into practice knowledge of grammatical concepts.

From B1 level

Treasure hunt of our Europe

This course offers a variety of activities to discover and learn about the foundations and richness of Western Culture and Civilization. We will read texts, we will analyze video documents or photos and we will listen to music or songs to talk about the great stages of Europe, its political, religious, economic foundations but also of literature, architecture, art, music and psychoanalysis …

From B2-C1 level

Methodology for university success

The aim of this module is to help you develop the knowledge and skills essential for anyone entering the university in France. This is a course in which we will talk about “university culture”. We will see how the French university works, what disciplines are studied there, how to enroll and especially how and where to find the information useful for you. We will also see how the schooling is organized, what your obligations are as university students.

From B2 level


Know how to identify, articulate and pronounce correctly the 36 phonemes of French; Discover and master the rhythm and prosody of the French language; Learn to master the phonological system in order to improve PO and reading aloud skills. Know how to recognize and master the main intonations.

From A2 level