Sports and cultural activities

The Department of Cultural and Sport activities is organizing all year long the following activities :

Discover the Region

The association SaVa, along with the CILEC, organizes several trips to make you discover the local and regional heritage.

The region of Saint-Etienne is one of the richest and most diverse regions in France, halfway between the Alps and the Côte d’Azur.

With our thematic trips, you will discover the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, the Festival of Renaissance in Le Puy-en-Velay, the Festival of Light in Lyon, the city of Grenoble along with the Chartreuse Cellar of Voiron… You will also have specific activities such as wine tasting, ski outgoings and a lot more!

Price: from 5€ to 15€, to pay directly to SaVa

Theme evenings:

You will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself while discovering the French culture and some international traditional events.

Here are some examples of activities: crêpes, galettes des rois, fancy dress parties for the Carnaval, international karaoke, discovering of the warm “Nuit stéphanoise”…

Cultural activities:

All year long, Saint-Etienne offers a wide range of cultural activities: about twenty cinemas, eight theatres (one of them is a national theatre), an opera house, a Zenith Concert Hall, a contemporary concert hall, live entertainment bars, several museums (Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Arts and Industry), the Cité du Design (with the International Design Biennial as a great event), the site of Le Corbusier (listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site), music festivals…

The CILEC is also offering its own activities: movie nights, music concerts, museum visits, introduction to French cooking and wine, photography workshops, recording of a radio programme, activities in French schools…

All cultural activities at the CILEC are free of charge since they are part of the teaching programme.

Sport activities:

If you want to practise sport, you will be happy to know that there are great opportunities to do so.

In the city of Saint-Etienne, you will find a golf course with magnificent points of view on the surroundings, a lake where you can windsurf, an international football and rugby stadium, international athletic events, many swimming pools, many hiking trails (possibility to go riding, snowshoeing, skiing…), several rock-climbing sites, Via ferrata….

The University also offers a wide range of sports every week to the CILEC students: climbing, rowing, boxing, paragliding, golf, martial arts, swimming, football, basketball, handball, aerobics, dancing, tennis, volleyball…

The CILEC can sometimes organise a sport event in one of the city parks.

Price: 28 € for a whole academic year. Possibility to practise any sport. Please note that for some sports (such as paragliding or golf) you can be asked to pay an extra charge.