Preparation for Art and Design schools

Preparation for Art and Design schools

You’re an international student and you’d like to come to France to prepare the competitive entrance exams for French Art and Design schools?

So “La Coursive”, the international preparatory class, is just what you need!

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Whom is it for?

Men and women who have:

  • a high school diploma (baccalaureate type)
  • at least a B1 level in French
  • previous art practice

What is it for?

Prepare the competitive entrance exams: orientation and advice about schools, compiling portfolios, practice training for interviews

Reach the CECR French B2 level (oral and written expression and comprehension)

Tackle the French language through art subjects

Explore French art and design culture

Practice a bit of art and design teaching in France through project development and practical exercises

Boost your creativity 

Validate a university degree in French (B2 level)

What is it?

600 hours of training leading to a diploma: 350 hours of French as a foreign language + 250  hours of art and design teaching

The advantages?

St. Etienne is the only French city designated Creative City of Design by UNESCO.

Unique partnership in France between UJM and ESADSE (professionals of art and design and of FLE [French as a foreign language]).

The number of students is limited (20 maximum) to ensure quality of instruction and customized educational follow-up.

Enrolling in La Coursive allows you to obtain “Student status”, thus providing access to:

  • free health care (Sécurité sociale)

And what’s more, our center gives you access, free of charge, to:

100% of the graduating students were accepted into a French art/design school or university in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.

How many hours?


International preparatory class for French Art and Design "La Coursive"


International preparatory class for French Art and Design "La Coursive"
600h of french courses

From September 2022 to end of April 2023 


*University registration fees included

Payment channels and conditions for reimbursement
Payment of registration fees (not including the CVEC: Student and Campus Life Contribution) shall be done by bank transfer during the period indicated in the Coursive registration file. Bank charges linked to international transfers are to be paid by the student. The University shall receive the exact amount corresponding to the price of the desired training period. Cancellation will only be possible for the following reasons: refusal of visa, failure to pass high school graduation exam, serious illness, death of a parent or sibling, training which is cancelled on decision by the institution.
A request for a reimbursement form shall be sent by e-mail to the following address: It shall then be returned to the CILEC duly completed and shall include all supporting documents translated into French (notice of refusal of visa, medical certificate, etc.). If the request is approved, reimbursement shall be done via bank transfer. Please note: in case of reimbursement request for course fees, a lump sum of 85 € for administrative handling costs shall be deducted. Cancellations for other reasons (enrollment in another institution, for example, or distance-learning systems, before or during the course) shall not result in reimbursement.
Any linguistic stay which has been started is due in full. No refunds are possible.

Civil liability
Civil liability insurance is obligatory for all CILEC students enrolled for more than 3 months.

How to enroll?



La Coursive


Application period

From 15th May 2022


Selection and admission response 

From 16th to 17th May 2022


Payment period (if you are accepted)

From 18th to 28th May 2022


Sending of enrolment certificate and accommodation certificate (if necessary) 

From 30th May to 03th June 2022


Application for a long-stay student visa* 

From 07th June 2022

*The application for your long-stay student visa must be made at the French embassy in your own country

Download the application form 2022-2023

Registration procedure
The educational and administrative enrollment (DUEF and Coursive) is finalized if the student is present on the day of the language placement test, if said student provides all documents needed for the administrative registration and if same student pays the CROUS the amount of the CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution; 2020-21 fee, for reference: 92€).

Due to the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic, on-site teaching modalities could change to online courses to ensure the safety of the teachers and students. The CILEC keeps also the possibility to close a level group if there are not enough participants.