Extensive French Courses

Extensive French CoursesErasmus and individuals

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Whom is it for?

Men and women over 18 residing in France
Majortiry public : Saint-Etienne international students of higher education, with beginner, intermediate or advanced level
High school diploma (baccalaureate type) recommended

What is it for?

To improve written and spoken skills.

When and how long?

Module of 24 class hours (two hours by week) from 22nd September to 15th september 2022.
French course face-to-face on Thursday from 4 to 6 pm
Classes are organised by language level groups: 19 students maximum, following the 22nd September 2022 placement test

240€ for individuals applicants
Free of charge for UJM exchange program students


Our centre provides you free access to :

  • a media library open in the afternoons (assistance by an archivist/teacher)
  • an activities office regularly organizing outings, cultural visits and lots of other fun things to do

How to enroll?

You’re funding your training on an individual basis

Download the individual registration form and return it, filled and signed, to cilec@univ-st-etienne.fr (cilec @ univ-st-etienne.fr)before 15th September 2022.
An online test will be sent to you and must be done before the 22nd September 2022.

You are UJM exchange program students

You must register on the online form on the following dates: 21st august to 18th september 2022.
An online test will be sent to you and must be done before the 22nd September 2022.

The CILEC reserves the right to cancel a language level group if the number of enrolled participants is insufficient. Due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, measures planned for in-person teaching sessions may possibly need to be changed into remote sessions, so as to ensure teachers’ and students’ safety.